Real-time 3D engine, in Ada, based on OpenGL. Ada Programming. GL, VRML, 3D Studio Max, GMax.
[NEW] Added multitexturing

GLOBE_3D stands for GL Object Based Engine for 3D.
GL stands for Graphics Library, created by SGI. SGI stands for Silicon Graphics, Inc. .

Short description:   GLOBE_3D is a free, open-source, real-time 3D Engine written in Ada, based on OpenGL.


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SpaCity - BorgStar
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Gloom (Doom 3 scene)
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Swarm simulation @
Australian National University

More videos on YouTube:   YouTube GLOBE_3D playlist


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A Cube   The Earth   X29 plane   Space vehicle #2   Knot from KnotPlot   Dreadnought, by Xenodroid   Extrusion generator   Borg Star   Sierpinski cube - sponge   X29 on Macintosh, PowerPC processor   Gloom 3(D) - a first glance...   Gloom 3(D) - custom level   Irin   A319, by Claus Vendelboe Holmberg   Futuristic Combat Jet, by Dennis Haupt  
Levels from processed by the d3g tool ← ← click here for more screenshots!





  Download GLOBE_3D from the SourceForge project page.  

The archive contains:

For any other system, GLOBE_3D should work provided that the system supports (Open)GL and GLU.
Availability of FreeGLUT or OpenGLUT is needed for the demo.
I welcome your scripts, makefiles etc.

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